Kennesaw boy, 5, finds Civil War artifact

A 5-year-old boy was hiking with his father at Kennesaw Mountain National Battlefield when he made an impressive find. Logan Cedor found what appears to be an artifact from the Civil War.

Logan says as soon as he picked up a small rock, he knew it was more than just a rock.

“I tapped it on some metal, and I was like ‘daddy this is not a rock, this is metal’, and I looked close and there was some silver,” says Logan.

Logan’s dad picked up the rock, and it seemed heavier than it should have.

“I started looking at it and it had a spherical shape and I thought this could be a Civil War lead shot,” says Edward Cedor.

Logan and his dad took it to the park rangers for closer observation. They determined it was very old and was likely ammunition used by soldiers.

“This is small caliber buckshot, so there is the possibility of it being used during the Civil War. It is made of lead and based on the white color it has on it, it has been out in the elements for a number of years,” says Park Ranger Amanda Corman.

The artifact will be part of the museum’s educational collection. It’s a group of various artifacts that others can touch and hold to learn about the history of the area.

Logan was given the distinguished title of junior park ranger. He’s proud of his discovery and plans to keep hiking with his dad. They both hope to find more artifacts.

“Maybe we can find a cannonball next time,” says Edward Cedor.

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