Kansas Becomes Latest State to Expand Medicaid

Another state expands Medicaid:
Kansas’ Democratic governor and a top Republican lawmaker on Thursday outlined a new proposal for expanding the state’s Medicaid program….The plan from Democratic Gov. Laura Kelly and Senate Majority Leader Jim Denning would give Kelly the straightforward expansion of state health coverage that she has advocated, covering as many as 150,000 additional people. But Denning would get a version of a program that he has proposed for driving down private health insurance premiums to make it less likely people would drop existing private plans for Medicaid.
If Kansas passes this proposal, we’ll be down to 13 states that are still holding out against Medicaid expansion. With only a couple of exceptions, basically every state in the union has expanded Medicaid coverage except for the states of the deep South. Dave Weigel comments:

The onward march of Medicaid expansion also suggests that people are expecting SCOTUS to laugh away Texas’s anti-Obamacare lawsuit. https://t.co/HhVZHL6Tfh
— Dave Weigel (@daveweigel) January 9, 2020