Jimmy Carter on Bernie Sanders: ‘Can you all see why I voted for him?’

Former President Jimmy Carter on Monday suggested that had voted for Bernie Sanders in last year’s presidential primary. Our AJC colleague Jill Vejnoska monitored the Carter Center event that featured the two men, and had this:

The audience frequently broke into applause, particularly when Sanders launched into one of his signature tough commentaries on the impact of corporate money on American politics. Even Carter seemed to get caught up in it. After Sanders suggested that higher voter turnout was the key to defeating the Republican Party, Carter quipped to the audience, “Can you all see why I voted for him?!”

Carter did not take questions from the audience, so it was impossible to know if the 92-year-old former president — who endorsed Hillary Clinton last summer — was serious about having voted for Sanders, presumably in the Democratic primary in Georgia.

President Jimmy Carter was absent from a list of Georgia Democratic supporters her campaign rolled out in October 2015 to forestall Sanders. But Carter’s grandson, former gubernatorial candidate Jason Carter, was on that list.

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