Irish Citizens Are Going #HomeToVote on Abortion And It’s Warming Our Cold, American Hearts

Abortion rights campaigners protesting in London, UKClaire Doherty/AP

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As Ireland prepares to vote on a historic referendum that could legalize abortion in the deeply Catholic country, Irish citizens are flying home to cast their votes—and they’re using the now-trending hashtag #HomeToVote on social media to talk about it.
The Irish constitution’s Eighth Amendment is one of the most restrictive abortion bans in the world. Ireland currently grants women and fetuses an “equal right to life,” and women who have abortions could face up to 14 years in prison.
Tweets came overwhelmingly from those in favor of legalizing abortion.
Here are some of the best:

Brussels airport boarding to Dublin. The passengers on one flight #hometovote #Repealthe8th
— Paula Kehoe (@paulamkehoe) May 24, 2018

My ‘drop of golden’ son just landed in Cork airport. He is #hometovote and will be voting YES for his sister, YES his mum & YES for a better day for women and a kinder Ireland. Our family all #TogetherForYes #together2vote @CorkTogether4Y
— Colette Kelleher (@ColetteKelleher) May 24, 2018

This pushed me right over the edge. #grandfathers4yes #Together4Yes #hometovote #repealthe8th
— Trudi Mc Donald (@TrooDee) May 24, 2018

Just off the plane #hometovote!! And my amazing family came through with the banners…can’t wait to get out and do some last minute campaigning to make Ireland more compassionate! #Together4Yes #YourYesMatters #mybodymychoice
— Gill_Connolly (@Gill_Connolly) May 24, 2018

Even Ireland’s minister for health, Simon Harris, joined in. 

I made friends at the boarding gate. Not one of us knew each other. #hometovote #london #ireland @LdnIrishARC
— Danielle Stephens (@DaniS1006) May 24, 2018

Grotty early morning flight face on cos flights ain’t glamourous and should not be the only way a woman can access heathcare. Thinking of the beautiful solidarity from my UK pals this week, and of all the UK docs who take care of Irish women every day #HomeToVote #Together4Yes
— Margaret Perry (@mapperry) May 24, 2018

We see this Love Actually reference, Nic: 

Whenever I get gloomy with the state of the world, I think about the Arrivals Gate at Dublin airport #hometovote
— Nic Murray (@nic__murray) May 24, 2018

Waiting to board my flight #hometovote in Schipol Airport and thinking of how many Irish women have walked through these halls seeking essential health care since 83. Change is needed and the only way is a YES
— sarah 🌵 #hometovote (@sazsazsazzz) May 24, 2018

Completely moved by the welcome party at Dublin T1. How encouraging, heartwarming and inspiring for those who have travelled a lot further than I have. Here’s my brother arriving from Madrid tonight #hometovote #togetherforyes
— Kate Devlin (@KateDevvers) May 24, 2018

I’m coming #hometovote! Thirty hours from Bangkok to Dublin on a mission to repeal that eighth and get my bodily autonomy 👍#voteyes #together4yes #repeal #RepealThe8th
— Louise Barry (@made0fglitter) May 23, 2018

Massive queues on arrival at Dublin airport. Ireland’s children have been awakened and they answer her call home #repealthe8th #Together4Yes #hometovote
— Mark McCormack (@markmccormack86) May 24, 2018

Came #hometovote today from Toronto after being funded by #abroadforyes its been an emotional day! Safe travels everyone #VoteYes
— Sinead Walsh (@SineadW54827373) May 24, 2018

#hometovote twitter is the very, very best twitter. It’s inspiring to see democracy in action.
— Stephen Kinsella (@stephenkinsella) May 24, 2018