I Am Donald Trump’s Only Hope

Donald Trump and Rep. Kevin McCarthy in 2020Alex Brandon/AP

Fight disinformation: Sign up for the free Mother Jones Daily newsletter and follow the news that matters.When Donald Trump announced that he expects to be arrested on Tuesday, he called on supporters to take to the streets. “PROTEST, TAKE OUR NATION BACK!” he wrote. Trump’s rhetoric spurred the Manhattan district attorney—who is reportedly conducting a criminal investigation of the former president—to promise security measures. It’s still unclear what any such MAGA mobilization might look like, and at least some on the right seem to be discouraging demonstrations.
But it turns out there’s an easier way to fight back against the “radical Soros-backed” prosecutor tormenting Trump: You can just send $24 to House Republicans, instead.
“BREAKING NEWS: President Trump Indicted?!” warned an email sent last night by the National Republican Congressional Committee, the GOP’s main campaign arm for the US House. “You’re our country’s ONLY hope.”
“Make no mistake – the Radical Left is trying to use this latest witch hunt to intimidate you,” the missive continued. “We need every single patriot to immediately condemn this witch hunt.”
When I clicked the link to sign, it took me directly to a donation page, complete with the infamous pre-checked “monthly recurring donation” box. The potential prosecution of the most recent GOP president, it seems, is as good an opportunity as any to bag some grassroots campaign contributions.
I didn’t donate, but the NRCC tried again this morning. “This is the most important email we’ve EVER sent you,” the Republicans declared. “Backing down now means conceding our country to the Radical Left FOREVER.”
Once again, the NRCC’s ask was simple. No demands for a peaceful protest. No calls for a violent riot. Just an urgent request to save the country by chipping in $24.
But once again, I failed to do my part.