How the FBI Infiltrated Denver’s Racial Justice Movement

People protest for racial justice near the Colorado State Capitol on June 6, 2020.Michael Ciaglo/Getty Images

Fight disinformation: Sign up for the free Mother Jones Daily newsletter and follow the news that matters.In case you missed it, Mother Jones has officially merged with the nonprofit investigative news outlet Reveal. Among many other exciting changes, this means that going forward we’ll be bringing our readers more hard-hitting audio journalism from Reveal‘s award-winning podcast and radio show. This week’s episode, a partnership with Western Sound and Alphabet Boys, uncovers the FBI’s efforts to infiltrate Denver’s 2020 racial justice protests using a paid informant. Reporter Trevor Aaronson obtained secret recordings that show how informant Mickey Windecker kept tabs on racial justice activists and tried to enlist two protesters in a plot to assassinate the Colorado attorney general. 
Listen to the full episode of Reveal below, and check out the full season of Alphabet Boys here.