Hillary Clinton Tweets Bus Tribute To Rosa Parks, Twitter Isn’t Here For It

Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton has long been known as an advocate for Blacks and the civil rights movement, but she is still a rich White woman who represents the power and privilege on which this country was founded.

So, when Clinton’s campaign changed her “H” logo on Tuesday to incorporate an image of Rosa Parks in commemoration of the 60 year anniversary of Parks’ refusal to move to the back of the bus for a White passenger in Montgomery, Alabama, Twitter downright lost its mind.

Not only that, the civil rights icon, decked in a red dress and black hat, looks to be sitting at the back of the bus in the logo.

But not all of Clinton’s efforts to pay homage to Parks came under attack.

She made her second trip to Alabama Tuesday to headline the National Bar Association’s 60th anniversary of the Montgomery Bus Boycott’s Commemoration Tour. She spoke at the Dexter Avenue King Memorial Baptist Church in Montgomery about the importance of the boycott to the movement.

“We must be honest about the larger and deeper inequalities that continue to exist across our country,” Clinton said.



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