Hillary Clinton & Donald Trump Respond To Orlando Shooting With Different National Security Plans

Considering the gulf between their responses to the Orlando nightclub massacre, it’s no wonder that Democrat Hillary Clinton is widening her lead against Republican Donald Trump.

Politico reports that Clinton, the presumptive Democratic nominee, began to outstrip Trump, the Republican nominee, over the course of the last week, citing results of the latest NBC News/SurveyMonkey poll released Tuesday.

It’s not surprising after hearing the candidates’ reactions to the Orlando, Florida terror attacks, where early Sunday at least 49 were killed at a gay nightclub.

Both candidates linked the attack “to terror networks overseas after reports indicated the gunman shouted Islamic phrases and pledged allegiance to the Islamic State group,” writes the Military Times

But that was the only commonality, writes the Military Times:

Clinton, the presumed Democratic nominee, used her remarks in Ohio to argue that preventing future attacks will require a mix of military and diplomatic action, and closer coordination with Muslim communities worldwide.

“We have to stem the flow of jihadists from Europe and Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan and then back again,” she said. “The only way to do this is by working closely with our partners, strengthening our alliances, not weakening them or walking away from them.”

Trump, the presumed Republican nominee, said in a New Hampshire speech just two hours later that the killings show a need to overhaul America’s immigration policies, and prove that “political correctness” has overtaken Democrats’ desire to protect the public.

Considering the candidates’ responses to the crisis, it appears the nation should get ready for the country’s first First Spouse, Bill Clinton. What do you think?

SOURCE: Politico, Military Times | PHOTO CREDIT: Getty | VIDEO CREDIT: Inform


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