Here’s a Collection of Digital Concerts and Events To Keep You Sane This Weekend

Anthon Unger/ZUMA

Hey, thanks for not going out. We appreciate it. As many of you finish up your first full week (perhaps plus) at home, the true test of your sanity is going to come: the weekend. Usually, it is a time for socialization, friends, bars, laundromats, restaurants, movie theaters, and jubilant relaxation. You—we all—reset.
But this weekend you will probably find yourself having already done your chores (in a desperate attempt to keep moving), unable to socialize with distant friends and family (perhaps even overconnected to those closest to you), and it’s a bit hard to ignore the world is fighting a war, right!?
To help we’ve rounded up some of the best livestreams to catch up on, or watch live, or just stare at in list form to remind you other people exist. As Mavis Staples says, “You are not alone.”

Chrissy Teigen’s husband went live this past week in his home and played stripped versions of a few of his songs. You can watch the thing in full here.

Let Irish musician Hozier take you to church with his livestream

The boss’s entire 2009 Hyde Park Concert is available to stream anytime, anywhere. Check it out here.

Let Lizzo lead you through breath work while lighting incense, talking you through your pandemic anxiety, and play some flute tunes for you. Ah, relaxing.

Death Cab’s Ben Gibbard has been doing a “Live from Home” series every day for the past three days. You can catch them all, as well as the live performances at 4 p.m. PST today, on his Instagram.

Missing out on your favorite weekend drag show? Don’t worry these girls have you covered. From mainstream names like Alaska Thunderfuck and Juno Birch, to local queens, Biqtch Puddiń has thrown together an online drag. There’s a suggested donation, and seeing as drag queens are being hit hard financially by the pandemic right now, don’t be a dick—donate. It’s on Friday March 20th at 7pm PST/10pm EST, and you can stream it here.

From yodeling legend Jewel to icon Willie Nelson, if you’re craving a festival like line-up of bands, head over to Til Further Notice, where you can watch the 20-plus artists perform.

Pop goddess L Devine’s tour was canceled due to the pandemic, but that didn’t stop her from putting on a URL tour. From Twitter to Facebook to TikTok, Devine is making her way across the internet delivering us her delightful pop sound. Watch it all.

A live variety show turned Instagram account, they have everything you need to keep you entertained throughout quarantine. Check out their lineup and enjoy.

Friday night social distancing party? Let the international superstar spin you some beats right in your own living room on YouTube.

Third Man Records is livestreaming every day at noon central. With a new artist each day, this is perfect if you’re looking for a surprise performance.

These guys are providing us with the perfect quarantine vibes. They’ve already gone live (you can see that still over on Facebook) and will be going live again tomorrow Saturday at 8 p.m. CT again.

Bernie Sanders has been able to strike a chord with musicians this election cycle. Last week, Neil Young played a live concert streamed on Twitch for the Vermont Senator. Watch it and imagine you’re On The Beach.

While this predates the pandemic, it’s the perfect rewind to a time before the shutdown. So, give it a listen.

Chris Martin took to the ‘gram to play some of Coldplay’s biggest hits, and even covered a David Bowie song. Check it out.

Nicole’s husband started an #InstaBand! Keith and his guitar played about 30 minutes of music featuring backup vocals and dance moves by the Oscar winner. You can watch the performance in full.