Have You Ever Worked With Migrant Children? We Want to Hear From You

Mother Jones illustrationEric Gay/AP

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Do you currently work with migrant children, or have you ever worked with them? Mother Jones wants to hear from you.
The Trump administration’s new “zero tolerance” policy has led to thousands of families being separated at the border. After widespread outcry, President Donald Trump signed an executive order largely ending the practice on Wednesday. Rather than separating parents from children, agencies must now detain families together on a temporary basis. The order also called for the attorney general to modify the Flores settlement, a court decision that prohibited children from being detained for longer than 20 days. Changing the Flores settlement could allow the Trump administration to detain families indefinitely, but it will likely face legal challenges. The administration’s zero-tolerance policy will remain in place, however, and little information has been offered as to how the administration plans to handle the reunification of thousands of children with their parents.
In light of these new developments, we want to hear from people who have worked with migrant families and children. Have you worked in a shelter or detention facility, or as a lawyer representing some of these kids? Have you worked with kids after they have been released? Or, has your family been affected by this new separation policy? Help us shed light on the effects of these policies and how they affect you or your work.   
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