GSP Trooper Nathan Bradley Shares Touching Experience with Selfless Child

Once again, we’re moved by Georgia State Patrol Trooper Nathan Bradley. We have been keeping up with Trooper Bradley since he cared for four orphaned children on Halloween after their parents were killed in a car wreck.

Thursday, Trooper Bradley shared a touching post on Facebook. He said he had an incredible experience at the Shop-With-A-Cop event in Covington on Wednesday, thanks to a little boy named Sebastian with a huge heart.

“At the beginning of the event, the boy got out of the van and pointed at me saying ‘That’s a state trooper!’ and fell into the line where they pair each kid with an officer,” Bradley said. “When it was his turn, he told the captain that he wanted me to be his partner. It was touching because usually kids don’t request certain officers unless there is some prior relationship.

The children that were selected for this event are in situations that put them at risk of not receiving gifts on Christmas. Bradley said they are each given $100 to spend on whatever their hearts desire.

“All of the police officers there secretly allow the kids to go over the amount and end up paying the remaining balance out of their own pockets,” said Trooper Bradley.

The trooper said the boy was very conscientious of the total and would round to the nearest dollar.

“As he approached the $80 mark, he walked away from the toys. When I asked how come, he said he needs the extra money for batteries (which didn’t even cross my mind!) and tax (What?!),” Bradley said. “As we looked for batteries, I noticed he was returning the toys he originally selected and grabbed toys that cost less.”

Sebastian told Trooper Bradley he didn’t want the toys he was returning any more. As they checked out the total was well below $100, so the child asked if he could go back and grab something else. He picked out a set of Pokemon cards and then proceeded to check out.

“Turns out this boy, along with his sisters have an older brother (Age 15) that was unable to attend for personal matters, so they opted out on spending the full $100 so that they had enough to spend on their brother – that’s right, the sisters did the same thing.”

Bradley said he was overwhelmed with the selflessness the boy showed and that’s why he had to share.

“Merry Christmas and God bless your sweet souls,” Bradley said.

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My partner at yesterday’s Shop-With-A-Cop event. Due to him and his sisters being in mandated care, I cannot post his…

Posted by Nathan Bradley on Thursday, December 10, 2015

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