Great-Grandmother Attacked in Suwanee Walmart Parking Lot

A great-grandmother was attacked in a Suwanee Walmart parking lot and now police are looking for a third suspect.

“I did fear for my life,” said Jeanette Harrison, 79, who had just gotten into her car at the Walmart on Lawrenceville Suwanee.

In surveillance video you can see Harrison backing out of the parking space slowly and making her way out until another car backed up into her.

“I thought it was just a regular accident,” said Harrison.

After reviewing surveillance video and seeing how quickly the suspect car backed out as Harrison was driving by, detectives knew it was not an accident and that the great-grandmother was targeted.

“I said I am calling the police and she said no you are not and she wrestled the phone with me,” said Harrison.

Harrison said that is when one of the women started punching her and while she continued to hit her harder, a second woman took her purse. Harrison said the two women took off in their car.

“We were able to locate the vehicle, but not them immediately and then through the hard work of the detectives they were able to link that to one then two and then finally three suspects,” said Capt. Cass Mooney with Suwanee Police.

Police arrested Shanekiah Webb, 23, and Monaie Franklin, 20, but are looking for Almir Becic, 21, who police believe acted as a lookout.

“He used her credit card at another location after the fact,” said Capt. Mooney. “That is how we linked him back to those two.”

Police and Harrison hope Becic is caught soon so this terrifying incident does not happen to anyone else.

“I have a lot of compassion for people, but they were adults and they knew what they were doing and they knew that I was an older woman and that I would be a very easy target,” said Harrison.

Suwanee Police fear there could be more victims out there who felt threatened after someone bumped into them and demanded money. Anyone with information is asked to call the Suwanee Police Department at 770.945.8995.

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