Give It Up. Nothing Good Happened in 2018.

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As 2018 finally draws to a close, I suppose it’s time to reflect on the past year, both good and bad. I’ve tried to do this. Not too hard, I admit, but I tried. Sadly, I came up pretty empty-handed. I mean, no close family members died. I guess that counts as good news. Beyond that, everything was pretty terrible. So I guess my parting message to 2018 is not to let the door hit you on the way out.
It’s now time for me to head over to the infusion center for my monthly de-cancerization treatment. That also means today is Evil Dex day, and that in turn means there will be no old-man nonsense tonight about falling asleep before midnight. In fact, I’ll see in the New Year in Hawaii, Tahiti, and whatever Pacific island is closest to the date line. A quick look at a map suggests that American Samoa takes the prize. Don’t worry American Samoa! I’ll be ringing in the New Year right along with you!