GA mother, young daughter fighting cancer together

A Newton County mother is battling cancer at the same time as her toddler daughter.

Heather Wilson, a young mother of three, was diagnosed with an inoperable stage 2 brain tumor back in June. She’s completed radiation and is undergoing her third of many rounds of chemotherapy.

Five days before Christmas, Heather’s 14-month-old daughter, London, was also diagnosed with cancer.

“She was diagnosed with Yolk Sac/ EST/ Germ Cell cancer.” said Pam Hunt, London’s great aunt. “We have very high hopes that she will overcome and be cancer free one day!”

Hunt said London has completed her first round of chemotherapy and will undergo another round in several weeks. In the meantime, she’s back at home with her family.

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“She is experiencing some side effects and has been sick, but she has been a warrior just like her mom,” Hunt said.

The family is asking for extra prayers as Heather and London both fight cancer.

“You see, London’s love is what keeps her mom fighting!” Hunt said. “Now, they are both having to fight this battle together.”

Hunt has set up a GoFundMe account to help support the family during this difficult time. If you would like to donate, click here.

“No mom should have to worry about her baby when she herself doesn’t have enough strength to make it through the day,” Hunt said on GoFundMe.

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