Fulton County police officers hailed heroes after fiery rescue

Two Fulton County police officers are being hailed heroes after putting their own lives on the line to save someone else’s.

Officer Mark Still and Officer Naeemah Wellington were working an accident on Fulton Industrial Boulevard at Interstate 20 around 8:30 p.m. Sunday when they heard a collision and saw a vehicle on fire.

The officers immediately jumped into rescue mode and rushed to the scene.

Watch video of the officers speaking about the rescue

Officer Still said he saw a car explode into a ball of fire and knew he had to help the driver in order for that person to survive.

“We don’t leave anybody behind,” Officer Still said. “We just don’t do it, no matter what.”

Officer Still jammed his baton into the door frame to help pull the man out of the vehicle. According to Officer Wellington, the driver was on fire when they pulled him out.

“The first question we both asked was, ‘is he okay?'” Wellington said.

The officers still don’t know the man’s name or where he’s from, but do know he’s recovering in Grady’s Burn unit.

“The actions of these heroic officers go beyond the call of duty,” Fulton County police said on Facebook. “They exhibit exceptional courage, regardless of their personal safety, to save a human life. These officers are shining examples of selfless service, courage and devotion to duty.”

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