From the Sesame Street Writers’ Room to “The Jooniverse,” Comedian Joon Chung Has Good News

For indispensable reporting on the coronavirus crisis, the election, and more, subscribe to the Mother Jones Daily newsletter.With just 33 days until the election, and the pandemic’s end nowhere in sight, the stakes couldn’t be higher and the state of the universe is no laughing matter. An alternative: The Jooniverse, comedian Joon Chung’s new site, which promises personalized answers to all of life’s mysteries and miseries. “Welcome to The Jooniverse. You’re all just living in it,” his welcome note says. “If asking the universe feels too scary, ask me and I’ll respond with some advice.”
The Jooniverse’s backstory is here, and your questions go here. See what good news, expertly bad puns, and healing humor before Election Day he has in store. Chung was recently a Sesame Street Writers’ Room fellow, and he’s developing a project with Sesame Workshop. He’s currently working on a preschool animated show. He was also named a Young Staten Island Talent to Look For, and he co-hosted the podcast Just the Gals. Previously he edited news and animated shorts for The Root, Jezebel, and other sites.
“Asking the universe for anything is tough,” Chung says, “so ask me!” If you ask him and he delivers, share your results at and we’ll highlight a few. Let us know if you’d like your name included. A Recharge salute to Chung’s creative ventures.

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