Friday News Dump This Week Is Yuuuuge

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TGIF, am I right? Time to relax from the craziness of the week, put up my feet, and maybe watch a little—
What’s that? I should look at the news first? Well…OK. Let’s see what we have.

Another White House aide has been fired/resigned due to reports of domestic violence. This time it’s David Sorensen, a speechwriter who worked under Stephen Miller. According to his ex-wife, “he ran a car over her foot, put out a cigarette on her hand, threw her into a wall and grasped her menacingly by her hair while they were alone on their boat in remote waters off Maine’s coast, an incident she said left her fearing for her life.” Sorenson denies it all.
Donald Trump is reportedly so pissed off at chief-of-staff John Kelly that he’s thinking of firing him. Kelly has reportedly said he’s willing to step down if Trump asks him to. Possible replacements include Mick Mulvaney and Gary Cohn.

Kelly’s deputy, Jim Carroll, will be leaving to become drug czar.

The #3 official in the Justice Department, Rachel Brand, is leaving to go work for Walmart. Apparently she figured her career might end up in ruins if she stayed. I wonder what could have given her that idea?
After releasing the Nunes memo without so much as a single redaction, Donald Trump has refused to release the Democratic rebuttal. It’s just too sensitive, you see. Surely someone is going to leak it before long?

I guess that’s it. Even the Friday news dump is bigger and better under Trump. Now can I start my weekend?