Fox News Decides It’s Not Right-Wing Enough

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Fox anchor Maria Bartiromo: “A new report says that some far-right protesters have discussed posing as members of the National Guard to infiltrate the inauguration — the way Democrats infiltrated two weeks ago and put on MAGA clothing”
— Media Matters (@mmfa) January 19, 2021

Maria Bartiromo will get a trial run as host of Fox’s new 7 p.m. weekday opinion show, which replaced a news hour
— Jeremy Barr (@jeremymbarr) January 18, 2021

Multiple sources tell me 16 long time Fox News digital staffers have been let go from the company this morning. Staffers calling this round of layoffs a “blood bath.”
— dianafalzone (@dianafalzone) January 19, 2021

Today’s layoffs at Fox’s digital operation are “part of the network’s larger effort to pivot its website from straight-news reporting to right-wing opinion content in the mold of Fox’s primetime programming,” The Daily Beast reports
— Brian Stelter (@brianstelter) January 19, 2021

So they’re purging the reality-based people, and elevating Maria Bartiromo, the clearest voice of Trump’s lies.
— Ben Smith (@benyt) January 19, 2021

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