Falcons fans excited after ‘perfect’ first half against Packers


As a lifelong Atlanta fan, Terrence Jernigan has seen his fair share of Falcons games. So after his Falcons built a 24-0 halftime lead, the word he could think to describe it was “perfect.”

“First half couldn’t have been scripted any better. There’s been turnovers, missed field goal and moving ball a little bit. Defense is blitzing at the right time and keeping Aaron Rodgers from moving.”

Jernigan and the rest of the Atlanta crowd at McCray’s Tavern West Village in Smyrna certainly had plenty of reasons to cheer. Falcons defense made its presence felt with a pair of turnovers while Matt Ryan put on an MVP performance in the first half.

“Offense has played perfect. Matt Ryan is coming out to prove he’s the MVP. Anyone watching this game can’t say that he hasn’t outplayed Aaron Rodgers,” Jernigan said.

Falcons fans aren’t the only fans enjoying today’s games at McCray’s. Amid all the red and black throughout the tavern, a group of Steelers fans are also tuned into the game.

Lori Clearwater, Shikina Glauden and Doug Powers have been watching Steelers games at McCray’s Tavern for several years. Clearwater, a Pittsburgh native, said she wants to play the Falcons if the Steelers make it past the Patriots.

“It would definitely be intense,” she said.