EU to Britain: Approve the Brexit Deal or Fuck Off

It looks like rough weather ahead for Great Britain.Kevin Drum

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The EU has spoken: They will not grant a short Brexit extension unless Britain approves the deal negotiated by Theresa May.
So that’s that. Approve the deal or crash out of the EU in nine days. This should certainly get everyone’s attention, shouldn’t it?
UPDATE: Apparently there is still the possibility of a long extension if May’s deal isn’t approved:

Brussels expects the British government to request a lengthy extension, and hold European elections, if the deal fails in the Commons at the third time of asking, so as to allow time for cross-party talks on a soft Brexit or a general election or second referendum.
….EU diplomats had been led to believe by May’s de facto deputy, David Lidington, who was in Brussels on Tuesday, that the British government would be seeking a lengthy extension with an option to leave after three months should the deal pass. After a stormy cabinet meeting, however, a letter from Downing Street did not appear overnight as had been expected. When it did emerge there was a sole request of a extension until 30 June to provide time for withdrawal legislation to be passed should the main deal be backed.

Hmmm. The EU “had been led to believe” that Britain might ask for a long extension, and presumably the EU would accept this if asked. But no one has asked. So I guess the long extension is still on the table, though only barely.