Donald Trump’s Most Tireless Toady Sinks Yet Another Notch Lower

Tom Williams/Congressional Quarterly/Newscom via ZUMA

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Rep. Devin Nunes says that all this business about his subpoenas endangering intelligence sources is hogwash. Nothing he’s asked for has anything to do with any particular individual. He’s just investigating whether the Justice Department has abused the FISA court as a means of destroying President Trump.
The Washington Post got a look at Nunes’ subpoena:
The subpoena, which was reviewed by The Washington Post, demands “all documents referring or related to the individual referenced in Chairman Nunes’ April 24, 2018 classified letter to Attorney General Sessions.” That is the only material the subpoena seeks.
The individual in this subpoena isn’t necessarily the intelligence source the FBI is worried about. But if he is, then Nunes knows damn well his subpoena is about an individual. And if he isn’t, then Nunes knows damn well that he’s issuing subpoenas in the dark. And all for the nakedly partisan purpose of protecting Donald Trump at all costs. He plainly doesn’t care about anything else.
When the history of our time is written, the astonishing thing won’t be that we elected Trump president. The astonishing thing will be that one of America’s two major political parties almost immediately swore utter and total fealty to him. The story of how that happened is the story of America’s decline in the post-Gingrich era.