Donald Trump Is Mentally Unhinged

Oliver Contreras/CNP via ZUMA

For indispensable reporting on the coronavirus crisis and more, subscribe to Mother Jones’ newsletters.In the past few days Donald Trump has:
Cranked up the volume on his pointless cold wars with China and Iran
Turned mask wearing into a culture war campaign issue
Accused a TV host of murdering an intern
Declared war on voting by mail
Insisted that James Comey and a variety of others should be in jail
Pushed an absurd “unmasking” non-scandal
Insisted that Barack Obama personally led a spying campaign against him
Retweeted a video saying “the only good Democrat is a dead Democrat”
Retweeted QAnon conspiracy theories
All of this has happened in the midst of an enormous pandemic which should be occupying all his time. Instead he’s virtually ignoring it because he can’t figure out what to do aside from handing it over to his son-in-law and then hauling out his iPhone to tweet about something he heard on Fox & Friends.
Is Trump mentally unstable? I don’t know. But he’s sure not mentally all there, is he? What kind of leader decides he can just shut his eyes to a deadly pandemic and instead spend all his time plotting revenge on enemies both real and imagined? Only a mentally deranged one. When will the Republican Party finally realize just what kind of trouble they’ve gotten us into?