Diane Guerrero, of “Jane the Virgin” and “Orange Is the New Black,” in Conversation on COVID-19 and Immigration

Diane Guerrero and Mother Jones immigration reporter Fernanda EchavarriMother Jones

For indispensable reporting on the coronavirus crisis and more, subscribe to Mother Jones’ newsletters.In case you missed the insightful and timely conversation Thursday with actor, activist, and author Diane Guerrero and Mother Jones immigration reporter Fernanda Echavarri, catch it here, a highlight of our “In Conversation” series, which has adapted creatively to the pandemic’s preempting of in-person gatherings with a move to remote livestreams. The star of Jane the Virgin and Orange Is the New Black amplified the experiences and impact of COVID-19 and Trump administration assaults on asylum seekers and explored how the media portrays immigrants—along with ways to strengthen communities and support families and individuals facing crises. Catch the conversation and share your ideas under the video or at recharge@motherjones.com.