Democrats: Rudy’s Stonewalling Is More Evidence of Misconduct

Rudy Giuliani at Fox Business Network studios on September 23, 2019.Roy Rochlin/Getty Images

Democrats responded Tuesday evening to Rudy Giuliani’s refusal to comply with a subpoena he received as part of the House’s impeachment inquiry, reiterating their claim that such stonewalling is itself evidence of impeachable wrongdoing by President Donald Trump, the former New York mayor’s client.
“Witnesses do not get to choose whether to comply with a duly-authorized subpoena, or to pick their investigators—not in the justice system, not in the Congress, and not in our democracy,” an official working on the impeachment inquiry said in an email to reporters. “If Rudy Giuliani and the President truly have nothing to hide about their actions, Giuliani will comply—otherwise, we will be forced to consider this as additional evidence of obstruction, and may infer that the evidence withheld would substantiate the accusations of President Trump’s misconduct and efforts to cover it up. Nobody is above the law, not a president, and not his shadow envoy to Ukraine.”