Crooks find way around security system

A woman in northeast Atlanta saidher house has been broken into half a dozen times and is fed up. She said what is worse is that the crooks have found a way around her security system.

Rachel Shular spent most of the day Tuesday cleaning up and ramping up her security system. She said thieves broke in Monday night and ransacked every room in her home. She said they got in through the kitchen window.

“Grabbed the flower pot, or several flower pots, and threw them through the window then used one of my chairs outside to climb through the window,” said Shular.

Because a door was never opened, the alarm system never went off. Shular said this gave the crooks plenty of time to go through the entire house, and get away with plenty of valuables.

“Every drawer, cabinet and room had been gone through, every room, they even went into the attic,” said Shular.

Shular said they took a gun, laptop, camera and much more. They also took her ski boots that were in a very unique bag.

“The ski boots are custom boots that you can’t buy here in Georgia, and the bag they go in is distinct,” said Shular.

Shular is hoping someone spots the bag, and it will eventually lead them to the crooks. In the meantime, she is setting up a better security system with cameras and motion detectors, and is vowing not to let the bad guys win.

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