Cohen Ready to Tell Mueller Potentially Explosive Info on Trump, Would Not Accept Pardon

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Lanny Davis, the lawyer representing Michael Cohen, said that his client would “never accept” a pardon from President Donald Trump, telling NPR in an interview Wednesday that Cohen considers the president to be “both corrupt and a dangerous person” in the White House.
“He has flatly authorized me to say under no circumstances would he accept a pardon from Mr. Trump, who uses the pardon power in a way that no president in American history has ever used a pardon,” Davis said before referencing the president’s controversial decision to pardon former Arizona sheriff Joe Arpaio last year.
Davis on Wednesday also repeated his claim that Cohen possesses information “of interest” to special counsel Robert Mueller and the ongoing Russia investigation. The remarks came hours after Davis told Rachel Maddow that Cohen is willing to provide investigators potentially explosive information regarding Trump’s knowledge of the infamous 2016 hacking of the Democratic National Committee, along with details on the June 2016 Trump Tower meeting.

Lanny Davis: “Mr. Cohen has knowledge on certain subjects that should be of interest to the special counsel and is more than happy to tell the special counsel all that he knows.”
— Maddow Blog (@MaddowBlog) August 22, 2018

Cohen on Tuesday pleaded guilty to eight counts of federal crimes and implicated Trump, a man he once claimed he’d “take a bullet” for, in a criminal conspiracy to prevent women from publicly speaking about alleged affairs they had had with the president.
Davis’ media blitz continued through Wednesday morning, as he appeared on Morning Joe, New Day, and The Today Show, where he also promoted a new GoFundMe page to help pay for Cohen’s mounting legal troubles. As of this writing, the “Michael Cohen Truth Fund” has raised $16,692 of its $500,000 goal.

“Very clearly, there is no dispute that Donald Trump committed a crime.” — @LannyDavis
— Morning Joe (@Morning_Joe) August 22, 2018

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