Check Out These Amazing Signs From Today’s Massive Rallies to Protest Family Separation

Protestors gather in Lafayette Park, across from the White House, for the Families Belong Together rally.Michael Candelori via ZUMA Wire

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Tens of thousands of people took to the streets across the country Saturday to protest the draconian immigration detention policies employed by the Trump administration that separated more than 2,000 children from their parents. 
On June 20, President Trump signed an executive order to end the family separation policy but did not issue any direction for reuniting the families that had already been torn apart. The Families Belong Together rally was organized to demand reunification and the end of family detention.
Here are some of the best signs we’ve seen at the marches far:

Good question.
— Cynthia Graber (@cagraber) June 30, 2018

“To be clear, her brother made this sign,” her mother said. And still.#FamiliesBelongTogetherMarch
— Kara Voght (@karavoght) June 30, 2018

These two are decked out in American flags. “Liberals have been shy about the flag,” they said. It’s time for the left to reclaim patriotism.
— Kara Voght (@karavoght) June 30, 2018

Families Belong Together march in Newark @northjersey #FamiliesBelongTogether #northjerseynews
— Marko Georgiev (@Markogeorgiev) June 30, 2018

Boston City Hall Plaza. Massive turnout #FamiliesBelongTogether
— Robin Herman (@girlinthelocker) June 30, 2018

Bloomington, Indiana #FamiliesBelongTogether #FamiliasUnidasNoDivididas
— kristina ☕ (@fctnOVRrlty) June 30, 2018

Great speeches from people working with separated families and kids in Philly.One girl came here “because America treats kids better than my violent country.”Let’s live up to that, America.#FamiliesBelongTogether #WhiteCoats4FamiliesBelongTogether
— Meenakshi Bewtra (@DrsMeena) June 30, 2018

— 4,645 🇵🇷 (@ananiascolon) June 30, 2018