CBC Message To America: Rangel Calls Education “Most Successful” Antidote To Effects Of Racism

Representative Charles Rangel of New York’s 13th Congressional District delivers this week’s Congressional Black Caucus Message addressing racism in America.

In talking about the stigma of racism and slavery, Rep. Rangel gave this analogy: “Just like a healthy person who finds out there is a cancer — unless you deal with it — it can consume the whole body, as racism can consume our whole country.”

“There are answers to this in order to get equity,” Rangel insisted.

“What we have to do is first recognize that we’re all in this country to make it better for all of us. We can’t do that effectively unless we solve it. One of the things we need of course is income, wages, a decent place to live. And the key that I found that’s most successful is education. Education opens the door to self-esteem, to avoiding getting into trouble, avoiding poverty, and all of those things that are necessary to make this country better than she is.”

Hear what else Rangel had to say about overcoming racism in America in the video above, and find previous CBC Messages To America on YouTube.

For more information about the Congressional Black Caucus, visit cbc-butterfield.house.gov.

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