‘Black Men For Bernie’ Leader Now Backs Trump

Bruce Carter, founder of “Black Men For Bernie,” refuses to join the Hillary Clinton bandwagon. Instead, he’s supporting Donald Trump, The Philadelphia Tribune reports.

During the Democratic National Convention, Carter led a convoy of buses, emblazoned with Bernie Sanders’ image, at a rally in downtown Philadelphia. But after Sanders’ loss, he launched Trump for Urban Communities.

“I was with Bernie based on his past work as it related to the African-American community,” he told The Tribune. “And now it is my firm belief that I need to see progress, and it’s hands down under Donald Trump and the Republicans.”

Carter told the news outlet that he’s calling on the GOP to invest in Black communities in housing, education, lack of ownership, and poverty. The Dallas native plans to direct his efforts from 25 Black barber shops.

He has not met directly with Trump, but claims to have been in contact with the Trump campaign.

However, Calvin Tucker, chairman of the Philadelphia Black Republican Council, told The Tribune that he’s unaware of any coordination between Carter’s movement and the Trump campaign.

“I did not hear of this gentleman, nor have I heard anything about it,” Tucker stated. “This is news to me, and as the African-American media surrogate for Pennsylvania I should know.”

Carter has said he rejects the devotion that African-Americans have for the Democratic Party. He wants both parties pursuing the Black vote.

He’s not put off by the concern of many African-Americans that Trump may be a racist.

Carter told BuzzFeed“For me, [if Trump] is racist or not racist, it’s irrelevant — we don’t have to be the best of friends. I don’t know where it’s going to go but there’s going to be a chance for people’s lives to get better. Under Democrats, it’s shown that it won’t happen.”

Carter told The Tribune that he’s from the South and therefore not fearful of Trump. “I’m used to being around White men in control and always being able to navigate my way,” he explained.

SOURCE: Philadelphia Tribune, BuzzFeed | PHOTO CREDIT: Getty, Twitter


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