Black Lives Matter Shifts Focus To Capitol Hill

On September 14, Black Lives Matter activists plan to visit Capitol Hill in an effort to push against a bipartisan criminal justice reform compromise ahead of a late September vote.

Black Lives Matter groups are teaming up with The Black Youth Project 100 and The National Black Justice Coalition to meet members of Congress.

The scheduled meetings, along with a 22-page policy platform released in July, are emblematic of the movement’s true influence after receiving criticism from political pundits who reduced Black Lives Matter to a series of hashtags and rallying cries.

Politico writes:

“Broadly, the groups are pushing for divestment from law enforcement and investment in education and social services to help poor and minority communities – the overarching theme of the Movement for Black Lives platform. Top asks include reparations for slavery and a ban on discrimination based on sexual orientation. They also plan to talk up measures that would block federal contractors from screening applicants for criminal history and a measure that would discourage charging money as pre-trial bail.”

The groups are rejecting certain provisions in the criminal justice bill that would continue to disproportionately affect Blacks and Hispanics. They plan to tap Democrats and members of the Congressional Black Caucus to put pressure against the measure.

“One of my biggest issues with the movement is we haven’t been able to articulate [a solution] in a pragmatic way, in a black-and-white manner,” said Isaiah Wilson of the National Black Justice Coalition.

But with plans to lobby and a solid platform, “There is now an actual plan of tangible ideas,” he said.

SOURCE: Politico | PHOTO CREDIT: Getty


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