Bernie Sanders Has A Plan To Win African-American Votes In 2016 Presidential Election

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Sen. Bernie Sanders is hoping that his past services in the Civil Rights Movement and support of Obamacare will gain him the minority vote and overall, the presidential title.

In an interview with ABC News’ George Stephanopoulos on This Week, the Independent candidate spoke about his chances at the White House seat, his overall approval of SCOTUS’ decision on legal marriage for the LGBT community, and his plans to revive the middle class.

“The American people are sick and tired of seeing the disappearance of the great middle class of this country,” he said. “They’re sick and tired of working longer hours for low wages while at the same time 99 percent of all new income generated is going to the top one percent.”

In May, Sanders, 73, announced his campaign for president. Sanders plans to focus on job increases, fair healthcare for Americans, and winning the minority vote. With his days fighting segregation laws in his youth, the politician believes he can connect with Hispanics, Latinos, and African-American voters. He also added his plans for job growth will help African-Americans the most.

“I have a long history in fighting for civil rights. I understand that many people in the African-American community may not understand that,” he said. “Given the disparity that we’re seeing in income and wealth in this country, it applies even more to the African-American community and to the Hispanic community. And what we are going to do is make a major outreach effort to those communities, let people know my background, let people know my record.”

So far, Sanders has gotten support from Iowa and New Hampshire as the first choice pick between himself and Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton.

Iowans voted 83 percent in favor of Sanders, while 89 percent of New Hampshire residents agreed. But overall, Hillary seems to have stronger support from the non-White community, with a separate poll showing 91 percent of voter preference in her favor.

Sanders stood on top with only 3 percent of non-White supporters.



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