Basically Every Time Hannity Has Defended Michael Cohen on His Show Since the FBI Raid

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Sean Hannity, the Fox News star and staunch defender of the president against the “destroy-Trump media,” was revealed on Monday to be a secret client of Michael Cohen, the president’s personal attorney whose home, hotel room, and office was raided last week by the FBI. Awkward. Especially since Hannity has become one of the most vocal defenders of Cohen on his show, Hannity—claiming, among other things, that the liberal media has whipped up hysteria about the raid, and that it represents stupendously serious violations of Cohen’s civil rights. For his part, Hannity says his dealings with Cohen were limited to chats about real estate and that he may have paid him 10 bucks for attorney-client privilege in some cases. As we wait to find out more, let’s look back at the tape. Ohh, boy.