Atlanta Woman Paints Tribute to Paris Victims

When French-born Florence Beauredon learned Friday night that dozens of hostages were brutally slaughtered in Paris’ Bataclan Theater, the Atlanta resident expressed her outrage with her paintbrush.

“It’s the people bleeding. It’s attacking freedom. That’s why the flag is still flying in the background. Not only the freedom of France, but the freedom of the world,” Beauredon said.

Born in France, Beauredon and her family are from the southern part of the country, near the city of Toulouse.

“I didn’t know how to get it out of my system. I could punch the wall or I could cry,” Beauredon said.

“They killed all of them like dogs,” she said. “To me- it’s my people. But it’s a crime against humanity.”

Beauredon said it was difficult to call family and friends overseas Friday night, due to France’s overwhelmed phone services.

“Mom has more anger than anything else. They’re mourning, shocked, horrified, but it has raised a lot of anger,” she said.

Beauredon said the painting, shared through her Facebook page, has touched many friends and family members.

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