Atlanta Community Remembers Paris Terror Attack Victims

Hundreds gathered at the Atlanta French Consulate General Sunday to remember the more than 125 people killed in Friday’s terror attacks in Paris.

“We are proud to be French and defend our values,” said Consul General Denis Barbet. “Sign that fighting terrorists is a long long long task,” said Consul General Barbet. “We will not give up.”

There was a moment of silence followed by the French national anthem. “We believe it is important to stand in solidarity with our friends and neighbors and patriots around the world and the terrible attacks that took place,” said Dov Wright, Director for The American Jewish Committee.

French leaders addressed those in attendance delivering a powerful message saying “We are not afraid.” ” I want to give reassurance to my fellow French citizens that we are going to stand up,” said Dominique Lemoine, Vice President of the Conseiller Consulaire. “We are going to fight for the forces of freedom and that we are not afraid,” said Lemoine.

Florence Beauredon says she used her paintbrushes as her weapon, expressing her emotion through a painting after learning of the attacks in her homeland. ” I was bleeding just like them,” said Beauredon. “It’s a crime against France, but overall humanity, the flag is still flying because we believe in our freedom,” said Beauredon when describing her painting.

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