At Least 39 Homes Just Exploded or Caught Fire in Massachusetts. The Photos Are Devastating.

Mary Schwalm/AP

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At least 39 homes and businesses exploded or caught fire due to “possible gas line over-pressurization” on Thursday in Andover and Lawrence, Massachusetts, according to authorities, who have announced that all Andover fires are now extinguished.
As of Thursday evening, the Massachusetts State Police had responded or were in the process of responding to 70 fires, explosions, or “investigations of gas odor.” It’s unclear what caused the explosions, and at least four people are being treated for injuries, the Associated Press reports.
Residents have been ordered to evacuate all buildings and houses. 

Massachusetts suspected gas explosions hits dozens of homes and buildings, officials say
— Fox News (@FoxNews) September 13, 2018

#BREAKING: Chopper video shows several plumes of smoke over the Lawrence-Andover area as fire crews respond to 39 fires and gas explosions
— Meagan Kolkmann (@MeaganKolkmann) September 13, 2018

JUST IN: Officials urge Columbia Gas customers in Lawrence, Andover & North Andover to evacuate homes. As many as 50 suspected gas explosions in the area.#7News
— Leo Ruiz (@ProducerLeo) September 13, 2018

Updated plotting of confirmed fires and explosions by MSP Watch Center. 39 locations confirmed thus far. Number will grow. New responses ongoing. Reminder: all residents of Lawrence/Andover/N Andover who have Columbia Gas must evacuate, as should anyone else who smells gas.
— Mass State Police (@MassStatePolice) September 13, 2018

#Lawrence NOW Evacuations being ordered @EagleTrib
— Jill Harmacinski (@EagleTribJill) September 13, 2018

LATEST: Evacuations are taking place in multiple neighborhoods north of Boston where residents have smelled gas, according to Massachusetts State Police.
Authorities confirmed fires and explosions at 39 locations:
— ABC News (@ABC) September 13, 2018

#BREAKING: Firefighters from New Hampshire going door-to-door in this #Lawrence neighborhood as the smell of smoke fills the air. @NBC10Boston
— Eli Rosenberg NBC10 Boston (@EliNBCBoston) September 13, 2018

#UNREAL: Firefighters in #Lawrence leaving one fire to check on a report of a second fire around the corner. Man comes rushing over with a garden hose. @NBC10Boston
— Eli Rosenberg NBC10 Boston (@EliNBCBoston) September 13, 2018

ANOTHER house fire in #Lawrence. Firefighters from several departments here. Heavy smoke filling neighborhood. Just incredible how widespread this is. @NBC10Boston
— Eli Rosenberg NBC10 Boston (@EliNBCBoston) September 13, 2018

#BREAKING: Devastating picture from #Lawrence on Chickering Road in #Lawrence. Chimney collapsed onto SUV.
— WBZ | CBS Boston News (@wbz) September 13, 2018