Armed robber to victim: ‘Have a blessed day'

Covington Police released security video of an armed robber cornering a woman who was just about to close the Krystal restaurant on US 278 late Sunday night. His face was covered with a black ski mask, but detectives hope someone will recognize the green fatigue pants or the black and silver handgun he used to terrify the employee.

“He brandished a handgun and demanded money and told the employee not to make any noise, then said ‘I know about the drop box. I want the money from the drop box,'” Officer Allan Seebaran said.

That employee was too afraid to talk on camera, but told Bruner by phone she was thought the robber was going kill her.

“He kept asking for more money after I had already given him everything I was about to deposit that night. I just screamed and kept begging him not to kill me,” the woman said. “He told to hush and just put the money in the bag.”

Covington Police investigators say the robber’s awareness of the drop box is a sign the man is familiar with the store.

“We don’t know if he once worked there or know someone who does, but he obviously knows his way around,” said Officer Seebaran.

Police said the robber said as he left Sunday night is what caught even police by surprise.

“On his way out, he told the employee to have a blessed day–which is not usual. We’ve never had that happen before, but he is obviously a dangerous man and we don’t know what his intentions are with the gun so we have to get him off the street,” said the officer.

The victim hopes the man who robbed her is caught before someone gets hurt.

“I thought I was he was going to kill me. I can’t even sleep at night thinking about that gun at my head. I’m scared and I hope whoever knows him will tell police who he is before he kills somebody,” the victim said.

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