America’s Greatest French Fry Secret Revealed

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hello I am the social media intern and have to share this but I totally dont agree with it. here are @lucaspeterson’s fast food french fry power rankings
— L.A. Times Food (@latimesfood) February 12, 2019

A picture is worth a thousand words, so here’s the fast-food french fry ranking picture:
Sorry, intern, but your food critic is right. Well, he’s right about one thing, anyway:

In this ranking, Del Taco is the University of Maryland, Baltimore County taking out Virginia in the first round of March Madness. I came in with the lowest of expectations for Del Taco fries — this is a Southern California-based taco chain after all, and I didn’t even know they had fries until I went in.
Hello, upset! This was a very decent batch of crinkle fries, with a crispy, salty outside and nice, fluffy center. Even better was that the employee who took my order gave me packets of both ketchup and smoky hot sauce with my order.

This is one of the best kept french fry secrets around, so good on Lucas Kwan Peterson for going beyond his preconceived notions and recognizing it. On the other hand, I’d say that Carl’s Jr. fries kind of suck and In-N-Out fries are fine. As for McDonald’s, I know they have a great reputation, but the last few times I’ve had them I’ve been unimpressed. Was this just bad luck? Maybe. But I’d put them on probation at the very least.
What’s also interesting here is that—in Peterson’s opinion, anyway—taste and texture are very tightly correlated. The upper-left and lower-right quadrants are practically empty. Hmmm again.