300 People with Coronavirus Are in Intensive Care in France. Most of Them Are Under 60.

In France, 300 people with coronavirus are in intensive care; more than half of them are under the age of 60.
Though coronavirus is understood to be particularly lethal among the elderly, France’s new numbers underscore the reality that younger generations can still face serious consequences.
French health authorities on Saturday reported a sharp rise in the number of infections, with 4,500 reported cases and 91 deaths from the virus. Prime Minister Édouard Philippe announced sweeping restrictions to limit movement across France, shutting down restaurants, bars, theaters, and non-essential stores.

💬 “Nous allons vers une épidémie généralisée dans les prochaines jours. Il y a, à ce jour, pas suffisamment de prise de conscience des Français de leur comportement”, déclare le directeur général de la Santé Jérôme Salomon. pic.twitter.com/0psjPWi8pl
— franceinfo (@franceinfo) March 14, 2020

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