Roland Martin to Dem. Party: Stop treating black voters like ‘political sharecroppers’

Jon Ossoff’s loss in the Georgia special election hit the Democrats hard and has led to many Democrats reflecting on what is going wrong with their party.

Rep. Tim Ryan, a Democrat has said that the party’s brand was “worse than Trump,” a concept that Bernie Sanders agrees with.

During an appearance on MSNBC, News One host Roland Martin discussed the party’s messaging and what needs to be done to win elections in the future.

In response to Sanders comments about the party brand and the need for transformation, Martin said that Sanders “hasn’t been transformed himself to join the Democratic Party.”

— Kalief Browder’s brother to run for NYC mayor against incumbent democrat — 

His advice to Democrats is simple, “stop chasing this mythical, epic white voter.” He feels the party is wasting time trying to “recapture white Trump voters.” Instead, what they need to do is go after people of color and inspire them to get out to the polls to vote.

“That’s how they win,” Martin said. “Black people are tired of being the sidepiece for the Democratic Party and tired of being political sharecroppers. If Democrats want to win they have to drive turnout.”

He also claimed that black voter participation was down in 2016 not because they didn’t want to vote but due to voter suppression.


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