If It’s Not Viral, It Didn’t Happen

The public phase of the Trump impeachment hearings began this morning. Here’s one of the headlines in the Washington Post:
I don’t blame Alemany for writing this or the Post for running it. It’s almost certainly true, after all. But just think about how depressing this is. The president of the United States extorted a foreign country to dig up dirt for the president’s personal gain. His personal lawyer spent months on this task. The ambassador to this country was fired for refusing to help out. Diplomats were subverted to make clear what the president’s demands were. The evidence for all this is voluminous and clear.
And yet, nothing will happen unless Democrats get themselves a “viral moment.” Maybe this will do it?

NEW: Taylor discloses that his staff overheard phone call in which Trump asked Sondland about investigations into the Bidens in July
Taylor’s staff member says Sondland told them that “Trump cares more about the investigations into the Bidens” than anything else re: Ukraine pic.twitter.com/yEaEOzIAMn
— Aaron Rupar (@atrupar) November 13, 2019

Ha ha. Of course not. This is merely more evidence of Trump’s guilt, and we already have plenty of that. Apparently the key defense of Trump at this point is not that he’s innocent, but that extorting foreign countries for personal gain is really not that big a deal for a president of the United States.
Not. That. Big. A. Deal.