Do Democrats Have an Immigration Policy to Offer?

Dan Balz says no one has a great immigration policy on offer:
President Trump’s immigration policies have been a failure. His goal of sealing the border has come to naught, and a mass of asylum seekers has overwhelmed the system. Trump has sought to blame others, including the Democrats, for the problem. Democrats cry foul, but they too struggle for an effective answer.
That wouldn’t be surprising. It’s a tough problem, after all. Still, there’s this:
There was no crisis on the border until Donald Trump entered office and set about to create one. So maybe the only policy we really need is “Get rid of Trump.”
It’s also worth noting that Democrats have supported several compromise immigration plans over the years, but Republicans have always crushed them. So maybe we actually need two policies: “Get rid of Trump and get rid of Republicans.” I realize this isn’t the 50-page white paper that we all expect from Democrats, but sometimes you really only need a sentence or two.