Earlier this week, CBS’ “Sunday Morning” had a brief montage of four Americans passing judgment on President Donald Trump’s first 100 days in office. Each wrote a letter. Snippets were pieced together. Leo Smith of Smyrna, in charge of minority participation for the Georgia Republican party, was one of the quartet. The CBS video shows Smith giving Trump an “A” for disruption, but his letter was more nuanced. And much longer. Watch it here:   But in our judgment, this was Smith’s best paragraph: A final word again about your tenor and tone.  Your first 100 days has been a reshaping of American vision.  YouRead More →

Barack Obama is back, and we need him more than ever. It’s been merely 100 days since he left the scene, but with Trump in office it might as well be years ago since he vacated the White House and took a step away from public life. We can’t have him as president anymore, but we can benefit from his leadership at a time when leadership is lacking and in great demand–particularly when crooks, thugs and scam artists have overtaken the government. The 44th president emerged from obscurity this past week with a 90-minute forum at the University of Chicago.  It was billed as aRead More →

Newsmakers Gentrification Hattie Dorsey Willian McFarland from Newsmakers Live by NML on Vimeo. In continuation of the mayor’s race, Maynard Eaton sits down with Hattie Dorsey and William McFarland to discuss two major community-related issues. Gentrification and affordable housing are reoccurring issues candidates are faced with, in which the candidates are in support of affordable housing. Dorsey, the former founder, and developer of Atlanta Neighborhood Development Partnership, wants to know, what are their plans to solve it.     Hattie Dorsey remembers Old Fourth Ward as a low-income community predominately occupied by Blacks. Now, the historical community where Martin Luther King Jr. was raised in hasRead More →

WASHINGTON — Former Gov. Sonny Perdue vowed to be a transparent and productive steward of the country’s farms and food supply as he took the reins at the Department of Agriculture Tuesday morning. The Republican got a hero’s welcome as hundreds of federal employees crowded the Department’s ornate Independence Avenue headquarters to greet their new leader just 30 mins after he was sworn in: “I’ve been waiting to see y’all, and it looks like y’all have been waiting to see me too, right?” Perdue said as he took the podium. Perdue referenced family at multiple points in his nearly 20 minute introductory speech and encouraged the department’s roughly 100,000 employeesRead More →

Another high-powered Republican group is ready to unleash a wave of advertisements for Republican Karen Handel ahead of her June 20 runoff against Democrat Jon Ossoff. The U.S. Chamber of Commerce formally endorsed Handel on Tuesday in a press conference in Alpharetta, a move that seems destined to lead to a new media barrage supporting her bid to represent the suburban Atlanta district in Congress.     The move was no surprise. Handel once led the chamber’s north Fulton offshoot and the organization has long backed conservative candidates in key races. But it was more evidence that Handel has consolidated GOP support after vicious RepublicanRead More →

The pugilistic style employed by Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed in his responses to reporters who annoy him – whether in print, in person, or on video – is no secret. The outraged phone call is most common, but has recently been supplanted by the long written rebuttal, as the AJC’s Bill Torpy can testify. But we have now entered new territory: The Internet-based video rebuttal. Which offers an excellent case study in how journalistic sausage is made. How, when offered same digital information, reporters and politicians see things quite differently. The history: Fox5’s Dale Russell, a longtime investigative reporter, last week turned a report onRead More →