The Great Kitchen Remodel Begins Today

Today our kitchen remodel finally starts. Francesco Marciuliano captures my mood of giddy optimism:

And so my kitchen remodeling continues at its swift pace…#mondaythoughts #MondayMotivaton
— FrancescoMarciuliano (@fmarciuliano) September 9, 2019

Of course, by “starts” I mean that people with sledgehammers are going to come in and destroy everything in their path. The actual start, as in constructing a replacement for everything that’s been destroyed, will begin someday. I shall keep you apprised.
As it turns out, I’m going to miss the demo since I’ll be lounging away the morning in the comfy confines of the Kaiser Permanente infusion center. However, I have already transferred the nerve center of this blog upstairs, so my loyal readership will notice no disruption in service. I bought a new desk from Ikea and everything: