Tens of Thousands Take to the Streets for the Third Women’s March

Protesters march on Capitol Hill during the third Women’s March.Jose Luis Magana/AP

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Tens of thousands of protesters across the globe are gathering for the third Women’s March today. Amid controversy surrounding the event’s organizers, turnout numbers are not expected to match the record-breaking stats from the 2017 march, when millions of marchers in Washington, DC, dwarfed President Donald Trump’s poorly attended inauguration.
Here are some stand-out photos and videos of the day so far:

#WomensMarch already, from marchers in Berlin, nurses in Washington, sign-carriers in New York and bundled up in Georgia. #WomensMarch2019 pic.twitter.com/MBC3xAkiTT
— David Beard (@dabeard) January 19, 2019

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (@AOC) rallies the @nycwomensmarch crowd at the #WomensMarch2019: “Last year we brought the power to the polls and this year we need to make sure that we translate that power into policies” https://t.co/66DZozbn4q pic.twitter.com/yy9YiwMHjH
— amNewYork (@amNewYork) January 19, 2019

…and the other side! Managed to fit ALL 131 women of the 116th Congress onto my sign! #2019BostonWomensMarch #marchforward2019 #116thCongress #WomensMarch pic.twitter.com/q8Ucf3pCRF
— Kate Strayer-Benton (@K8SB) January 19, 2019

#MarchForward2019 #2019BostonWomensMarch pic.twitter.com/hI7bVUUhYV
— March Forward MA (@MarchForwardMA) January 19, 2019

Another favorite #WomensMarch2019 #womensmarchboston #MarchForward2019 pic.twitter.com/ohHJE6FMbd
— Catherine McGloin (@catmcgloin) January 19, 2019

Timelapse showing some of the #WomensMarch in Washington, DC, on Saturday. pic.twitter.com/yO8N4CT99L
— MSNBC (@MSNBC) January 19, 2019

WOMAN POWER!love, yoko#WomensMarch2019 #WomensMarchNYC @WomensMarch pic.twitter.com/nJxSzv9Z54
— Yoko Ono (@yokoono) January 19, 2019

Holden Hackney, 17, of Pasadena, MD and his mom, Elle Hackney. Holden says he was “sad and disgusted” to see Kavanaugh confirmed to SCOTUS despite sexual harassment allegations, “but I kind of saw it coming because the same thing happened to Anita Hill.” #womensmarch2019 pic.twitter.com/JSOTAa9KI8
— Sarah McCammon (@sarahmccammon) January 19, 2019

Another scene at the @womensmarch it looks bigger than last years march. Emotions are high as little progress has been made to reopen the #government #GovernmentShutdown #womensmarch @ABC7News pic.twitter.com/q0kmR5Iebs
— Caroline Patrickis (@Cpatrickis) January 19, 2019

Enough said. #WomensMarch pic.twitter.com/KpHosbBhs6
— ACLU (@ACLU) January 19, 2019