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NML Victor Keith Hill Talks About Unethical Issues in Clayton County

Victor Keith Hill Clayton county sheriff elect discusses with Winter election procedures, newly found precautions, and his own personal elections. Hill states that the voters are smart enough to think on their own rather than listen to the media and what they say. He quotes great advice that he has received from governor Barns. Moderated by Shelly Winter , Executive ...

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NML Making history in Georigia! Connie Stokes & Dorren Carter- The 1st African American women seeking state wide offices

Connie Stokes and Doreen Carter seek to change the face of Georgia. They are 2 of 5 African American women on the state ballot. Connie Stokes is running for Lt. governor and Doreen Carter is running for senator of state. They discuss their qualifications, their plans and goals once in office, and their ability to execute and lead in a ...

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