Meet Dedrain Franklin, District 4 City Council Candidate, South Fulton

My name is Dedrain “Dee” Franklin; I am originally from Indianapolis, Indiana. I relocated to Atlanta, Georgia sixteen years ago, and I have been a resident of unincorporated South Fulton for eight years now. I have watched this rural location grow from a low traffic area, with minimal commercial and residential structures to a major attraction for people and business owners from all walks of life.
I work hands on in a multicultural environment where I serve as an advocate for people from various backgrounds, including kids in foster care and group homes.
With my years in government working for and with our citizens, I understand the process of getting problems solved and implemented and implementing result oriented solutions
Main Goal
Continue working in an executive management role to provide care and support for our citizens, business owners, developers, and public safety officials in District 4.
Over 30 years of experience as a professional healthcare administrative manager.
Goal-oriented individual with strong administrative and leadership skills
Organized, highly-motivated and detail oriented
Served as the Chair of the Hospitality Committee, Co-chair of the Beautification Committee and member of the Advisory Committee with the Lakes at Cedar Grove HOA.
Committee member with Keep South Fulton Beautiful
Founder and creator of The Lakes at Cedar Grove signature event “Jazz on the Lakes”
Chairperson for the Citizen Review panel for Fulton County Juvenile Justice committee
Committee member for Fulton County Health and Wellness committee

Master degree in Business Administration (MBA)
Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (BSBA)
Managed and monitored a budget of over one million dollars
successfully developed complex projects from conception to completion
Planned and executed a social gathering for 800+ residents
Recipient of the “Pillar of the Community” Award (given to individuals with outstanding leadership skills and community service)
Platform for District 4
Public Safety
Work with our citizens to improve the response time of police, fire, and EMS for emergency calls taking place in the City of South Fulton
Ensure the presence of public safety officials in each South Fulton district
Environmental Protection
Initiate clean-up efforts for rivers, lakes, and ponds
Maintain a good working relationship with River Keepers to ensure lakes, rivers and ponds are tested regularly
Soil testing
Initiate monthly meetings with Keep South Fulton Beautiful
Code Enforcement
Regulate property maintenance and proper land use for all structures
Protect properties from destruction and depreciation
Work with code enforcement officials to ensure codes are followed and addressed in a timely manner
The City of South Fulton has a wealth of potential, and I think it is important for us to come together as a community and take a hands-on approach to guide the growth and development of the City of South Fulton.
Focusing on the issues in my platform and other issues facing our citizens in the City of South Fulton combined is key in maintaining a safe, sustainable municipality, one that can stand on its own and serve as a prototype.
I believe in writing the vision and making it plain for all to see and understand, with your support the vision to make the City of South Fulton a thriving city will come to fruition.

Best Regards,
Dedrain “Dee” Franklin
Candidate for City Council South Fulton District 4
Committee to Elect Dedrain”Dee”Franklin,
P.O. Box 1813
Fairburn, GA 30213