Interstate 80 Isn’t Very Interesting

Our mission to get Professor M’s cats to Chicago proceeds apace. We’re basically covering one state per day, and today we drove across Wyoming. I’m writing this from a hotel room in Cheyenne with a couple of cats watching me.
But I really need to give a shoutout to the state troopers in Nevada. Outside of Elko I got pulled over for going 94, which was a little unfair since I’m pretty sure I wasn’t going more than 91. But the officer barely even gave me a warning. In fact, not only did he just mildly suggest that I should use my cruise control, he warned me that the speed limit dropped to 65 mph about a mile ahead and there was another trooper there with a radar gun. Sure enough, that was the case. I wonder if the poor guy is wondering why everyone seemed so well-behaved that day?
As you might imagine, I80 is not exactly a photographer’s paradise, and there hasn’t been time for side trips. Maybe I’ll find better pickings when we get to Chicago.