Here’s What Our President Is Thinking About

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Beginning at 8 am, Donald Trump put up no fewer than 30 tweets on Sunday. Busy guy! Here are the subjects that are obsessing him at the moment:

Saturday Night Live making fun of him too much.
The Steele dossier and the whole Russia witch hunt (7 tweets).
St. Patrick’s Day (2 tweets).
Fox New taking Judge Jeanine Pirro off the air because she suggested that someone who wears a hijab might not support the Constitution. Trump is pis-s-s-s-s-ed about this. He put up nine tweets related to the Judge Jeanine affair, including four that basically called Fox News a bunch of pussies for giving in to the left-wing hate mob.
The border (3 tweets).
The immense popularity of Donald J. Trump (3 tweets).
The Lordstown auto plant (2 tweets).
The Democrats effort to steal the 2016 election.
Make America Great Again!

It’s worth noting that two of Trump’s tweets were actually retweets of Jack Posobiec, a lunatic conspiracy theorist who helped promote the pizzagate fable among many, many others.
Anyway, this is what’s on Trump’s mind as of March 17, 2019. I’m sure we all feel safe with him at the helm.