Elizabeth Warren Is Your Favorite Candidate Right Now

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Here are the results of my spur-of-the-moment survey from Sunday. It got about 1,700 responses.
I’m a little surprised that so many of you are swooning over Pete Buttigieg, but I expect that will change before long. I also suspect that Elizabeth Warren will lose her lead among my readership. Sure, she’s been churning out policy positions like nobody’s business, but everyone else is going to have them too before long.
Speaking for myself, I’m not actually all that thrilled with Warren’s everything-but-the-kitchen-sink approach. It strikes me as a little too panderific. Also, with all the policy she’s had time to crank out, she’s still got nothing on climate change? I know, I know: she supports the GND. But I’d like to see her demonstrate in her own words that she cares at least as much about climate change as she does about breaking up Facebook.
Unsurprisingly, my own favorite at the moment is Jay Inslee. I expect that will change in time, but for now he’s the only candidate who plainly cares about one of the two most important issues facing our planet. (He’s the climate change guy, in case you haven’t been keeping track. The other top issue for the planet is artificial intelligence.) So that makes him my guy, at least for the moment.