Donald Trump and the Trail of Tears

Max D. Standley/R. Michelson Galleries

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Somebody help me out. In case you missed it over the weekend, President Trump tweeted this on Saturday:

Today Elizabeth Warren, sometimes referred to by me as Pocahontas, joined the race for President. Will she run as our first Native American presidential candidate, or has she decided that after 32 years, this is not playing so well anymore? See you on the campaign TRAIL, Liz!
— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) February 9, 2019

Trump’s eldest son certainly understood his father’s point:
Am I missing something? This is about 100x worse than anything Ilhan Omar tweeted, but it seems to have barely merited any reaction at all. Trump’s reference here is crystal clear, isn’t it? It’s gonna be a Trail of Tears, Liz! How is it that this casual reference to native genocide has slipped under the radar? Do we just shrug no matter what Trump says now?
Jamelle Bouie has the full story here. But how about the House Democratic leadership? Do we think they can rouse themselves to issue a statement?